Fresh Water Pool Maintenance

A freshwater pool is simply an ionized pool (This is not to be confused with a natural pool that uses bio-filters and does not offer any sanitation aspect). As with any pool, balanced water chemistry is important. If the water is not in balance, then a pool can quickly turn on you. An ionized pool can be maintained easier in any type of climate.

It is recommended that water is tested twice a week (as with all other pool sanitation methods). This way you know your pool is in balance for the whole week and just not a few days in the week. The two most important test are pH and copper levels.

In our opinion, pH is the single most important variable. An acid or a base must be used to raise or lower pH. Alpha Pool recommends using muriatic acid (HCl) to lower pH and baking soda to raise alkalinity and pH. Both are sacrificial and will no longer exist in its original state. Other products could be substituted, but costs and availability is why we do not endorse those other products.

Your copper is the sanitizer that will replace chlorine, bromine, biguanide, or whatever you are currently using. In most cases this is chlorine and salt water chlorinators. Since chlorine is not being used, stabilizer (cyanuric acid) and shock treatments will no longer be necessary. Also, since copper is the active ingredient in many algaecides, you will no longer need to add an algaecide.

Ionization is NOT filtration. The Alpha Pool system is compatible with any pump and filtration technology. A filter aid is suggested to squeeze out the mater molecule and ensure your water does not get cloudy.

Anything you need to maintain your pool can be found at your local grocery store or hardware store for a fraction of the costs of pool chemicals. And if you do have questions or issues on maintenance, Alpha Pool has a toll free support line to assist you.


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