Copper Ionization vs. Chemical Pools


In the fight to keep your pool clean and healthy,you face a lot of enemies.


Heat:                     speeds up the loss of chlorine,increases algae growth, causes water evaporation and a build-up of scale and other residues

Sun:                       evaporates and reduces effectiveness of chlorine, requiring additional harmful chemicals like cyanuric acid

Wind:                    carries algae spores and other debris into pool

Rain:                      introduces more algae and other contaminants

Bather Use:        creates need for additional purification


To fight these enemies, you use a wide variety of chemicals.


Chlorine:              Poisonous / toxic, suffocating odors, burns eyes, irritates skin, damages hair

Bromine:             Banned in some countries, attributed to skin irritation and breathing difficulties

Ozone:                 Unstable, pungent odor, fast acting – but can’t combat bacteria and algae growth, reduces amount / effectiveness of other chemicals, causes leaks, costly repairs in pumps, filters and other fixtures

Salt Water Devices:               Salt is 40% sodium / 60% chloride, Creates a chemical reaction that manufactures chlorine resulting in Sodium Hypochlorite Chlorine – THE MOST DANGEROUS DISINFECTANT USE CAN USE!

Hydrogen Peroxide:            Not toxic – but not healthy, by far the most expensive pool disinfectant


To defeat your enemies, your strongest weapon is our Copper Ionization System.


Copper Ionization:          The only method that produces healthy pool water, the least expensive of all disinfectant methods, the easiest of all methods to maintain and monitor


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