Chlorine and Your Health

Chlorine was first used as a germicide in 1846, and was a key factor in eradicating a number of plagues and diseases in prior to 1904. Yet despite its early uses and documented benefits, there have been numerous health concerns about chlorine in recent years. Many substances that are now banned, including DDT and Agent Orange all have one common element:  Chlorine. And the presence of chlorine in our pools, drinking water, food and environment today is causing much more harm than good.


·         A study by the U.S. Council of Environmental Quality showed that the cancer risk among people drinking chlorinated water is 93% higher than among those whose water does not contain chlorine.

·         Dr. Lance Wallace of the Environmental Protection Agency states that “Taking long, hot showers is a health risk exposing us to a greater extent to the toxic chemicals contained in water.”

·         Dr. Niels Skakkebaek of the University of Copenhagen conducted a study that demonstrates how the average human sperm counts have dropped in Denmark by almost 50% due to the presence of man-made chlorine found in human tissues and breast milk.

·         Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia, found that high levels of trihalomethanes, a by-product of chlorine in drinking water, significantly increased the risk of stillbirth.

·         Dr. J. M. Price states that the cause of arteriosclerosis and resulting heart attacks and strokes is none other than ubiquitous chlorine in our drinking water.

·         A professor of Water Chemistry at the University of Pittsburgh claims that exposure to vaporized chemicals in the water supplies through showering, bathing, and inhalation is 100 times greater than through drinking water.

·         The National Academy of Sciences estimate that over 1000 people die in the United States each year from cancer caused by ingesting the contaminates in water. Tens of thousands are made acutely ill.

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