Chlorine Free Pools

chlorine free poolWith the consumer becoming more aware of the disinfection byproducts produced from chlorination, the consumer is actively seeking a chlorine free technology to maintain a pool or spa. There is a world of confusion related to these chlorine alternative technologies. How can one possibly sanitize a swimming pool without chlorine? These chlorine free / chlorine alternative technologies have been around for many years. There needs to be a distinction between “chlorine free” and a product that claims to “reduce the need for chlorine”. Many chlorine free or reduced chlorine technologies used to maintain swimming pools are listed at this link.

Ionization is the only true chlorine free alternative that can operate without the use of any chlorine. The technology has been around for 40 years. The ionization process utilizes an electrical current to extract an ion from a sacrificial electrode usually made or a pure transition metal or alloy. These ions are then carried downstream into the pool or spa. As the water recirculates through the electrode, an ever increasing residual of ions are developed. Common metals and/or alloys that are used include copper, copper/silver, copper/zinc (brass), and copper/silver/and zinc. It is important that ionizers can produce enough current to supply sufficient ions into the water. Some smaller units and solar systems cannot achieve a high enough residual and would require chlorine as well to sanitize. These smaller/cheaper systems are not chlorine free systems.

However, units that can be sized to a body of water and achieve residual levels over 0.5 ppm can replace chlorine totally as a sanitizer. Alpha Pool’s copper ionization systems are the most powerful units of its type available in the industry. Ionization is the most cost effective chlorine free technology available on the market today.

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