About Us

Established in 1973, Intec America Corporation was one of the first companies to commercialize NASA-developed water treatment system, and adapt it for swimming pools.

Known as COPPER IONIZATION, this breakthrough technology was designed to purify water supplies for the astronauts during space exploration.

In addition to adapting this COPPER IONIZATION system for swimming pools, Intec America offers a wide range of water treatment technologies, including (but not limited to):

  • filtration
  • water softening
  • tannin removal
  • reverse osmosis
  • ozonation
  • U/V light

These technologies, offered exclusively by Intec America Corporation, have proven to be among the safest, most cost-effective and natural treatments available.

And today, we are equally proud to offer instrumental service to the residential, commercial, industrial, livestock and agriculture industries.


Agent in the Middle East: AlphaDiscovery

Authorized Distributor: NANOTECH

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